Office 365 API Tools - GA Release changes

Yesterday I've only posted a short post about the most recent release of Office 365 API Tools. I'd the chance to get some hands on since »

Office 365 API Tools Update

The Office365 API Team released a new version of Office 365 API Tools today. The new release can be downloaded directly from Visual Studio Gallery right »

Moved to ghost

This blog has been running for a long time on WordPress. Over the past year I've used markdown to write all my articles, but I was »

gitter for ShareCoffee is a great service for github hosted projects. By setting up gitter for your repos, you can create a chat where users, contributors and »

ShareCoffee 0.1.3

ShareCoffee 0.1.3 is available by now on NuGet and bower. It's only a small release at this time. Previously I've added ShareCoffee.Commons.infect »

ShareCoffee v0.1.2

A while ago I wrote about SharePoint Apps in MVC and how to get them working. With ShareCoffee v0.1.2 - which is already available »

use bower install on heroku is awesome for managing client side dependencies. When you're deploying a node app to heroku, you've to add an additional 'script' to your package »

grunt-nuget packaging for mac and linux

When building ShareCoffee, I recognized that building nuget packages doesn't work on mac or linux. Today I'd the chance to look again into this issue. I've »

Xamarin.Forms - Display MasterPage first when using MasterDetailPage

Xamarin.Forms library is providing a MasterDetailPage which can be used to present both general information about data (which is called Master) and detailed information about »

A shift of personal interests - Hello Xamarin

Over the past years I've focused mostly on SharePoint development and how to make developing SharePoint Solutions and Apps more fun by integrating other technologies and »