Chromebook review / Chrome App Model

Today I received my Acer C720P Touch Chromebook. I've used it now for round about two hours. It is a stunning device, double check the price »

goodbye welcome

I’ve been using the domain for the past decade. But my focus has shifted away from .NET a long time ago. Of course »

One the move – Goodbye SharePoint

After more than seven years of doing SharePoint Development I will leave the SharePoint Business by today and start a new journey. Over the past years »

Automate everything - A journey from github over codeship to docker on azure

Wanna go from code to (pre)production in a few seconds? No problem. I've used the last night to get that working. I'd like to share »

Setting up iTerm2 with oh-my-zsh and powerline on OSX

When people as me why I'm using a mac instead of a windows device for doing all my stuff, I always end up with a single »

When electron's window.setTitle keeps driving you crazy

As reaction on my initial post about electron, Ingo Richter came up with a comment on setting the windows title. He described that he get errors »

Packaging electron apps as asar archive using gulpjs

I've updated my electron-angular-es6 ( sample app a bit. It's about how to make your app distributable. Instead of writing down all »

Writing an Electron (atom shell) app using Angular and ES6

If you haven't heard from Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell) you should check out the gitgub repo at During this »

Managing Node.JS and IO.JS with NVM

Are you building NodeJS Aps? Use NPM! If you haven't seen NVM in action, go and install it. I can't imagine working with Node based projects »

Developer presentations using reveal.js

reveal.js has been around for a while. I saw a lot of people using it for their presentations (for example AC). AC also wrote an »