I <3 Codeship

Within this post I'd like to give you a short introduction for using Codeship in order to automtically build, test and deploy your web projects. Codeship »

My thoughts on SharePointAdvent.de

A few weeks ago I posted a status update on Facebook complaining about the german SharePoint community. Today I'd like to give some insights about that »

ASP.NET vNext on OSX Yosemite - Get KVM up and running

I use .NET for building WebAPI's because all other stuff is mostly done using AngularJS and/or NodeJS in these days. But since the increadible change »

Accessing an WebAPI using ADAL.JS and Azure AD within AngularJS

Building a secured WebAPI using WAAD is pretty easy, OWIN middleware allows developers to easily integrate AuthN in their services. Accessing those API with plain old »

11/06/2014 - The death of Windows Phone

Again a Windows Phone discussion? No not really. I just wanna share my thoughts on the current state of that platform. By 6th of November 2014 »

O365 API - The ultimative list of resources for devs

Finding information targeting the lastest Office 365 API builds can be a hard job, that's why Chaks - PM at MSFT who's currently owning the O365 »

Office 365 API Tools - GA Release changes

Yesterday I've only posted a short post about the most recent release of Office 365 API Tools. I'd the chance to get some hands on since »

Office 365 API Tools Update

The Office365 API Team released a new version of Office 365 API Tools today. The new release can be downloaded directly from Visual Studio Gallery right »

Moved to ghost

This blog has been running for a long time on WordPress. Over the past year I've used markdown to write all my articles, but I was »

gitter for ShareCoffee

gitter.im is a great service for github hosted projects. By setting up gitter for your repos, you can create a chat where users, contributors and »